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Franco Sergiu – Judo Black belt &Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brow belt is Judo&BJJ Coach,Referee and Athlete Academy Renzo Gracie NewYork.

City of Residence: Lugo/Italy Competitor Weight Division:64/70 kg

Affiliation: A-Force Bjj Italy

Other disciplines:

Judo,Sambo,Grappling, MMA,Self-Defense.



The secret of success

“State University of Physical Educatio and Sport ”          
*Referee Certificate Las Vegas.
*Personal Trainer BJJ Certificate New York.
*Fitness Instructor Revoring Certificate Italy.
*Personal Trainer Judo Certificat R.Moldova.

 golds medals america

New Jersey World Champion NaGa 2018

Washington Gi ibjjf 2018

New York Absolute ibjjf 2018

New York Graplling ibjjf 2018

New York Gi ibjjf 2018

New York Pro Gi ibjjf 2019


New Jersey World NaGa – Graplling 2018

Los Angeles Gi ibjjf 2018

Chicago Gi ibjjf 2018


Firenze Graplling ibjjf 2015

Zurigo Gi ibjjf 2016

Zurigo Graplling ibjjf 2016

Moskow Gi Absolute ibjjf 2017

Pistoia Gi uijj 2016

Europeo Graplling ibjjf 2016

Napoli Graplling Absolute 2019

bronzes medals america

Washington ibjjf Absolute 2018

San Francisco Gi ibjjf 2018

Pan America Graplling ibjjf 2019


Torino Gi uijj 2015

Torino Gi uijj 2016

Zurigo Gi Absolute ibjjf 2016

Roma Gi Absolute ibjjf 2019

Roma Graplling Absolute 2019

Milano Graplling Absolute 2019

golds MEDALS – ibjjf tournaments .

Montichiari Gi uijj 2014

Munich Gi ibjjf 2014

Trieste Gi uijj 2015

Firenze Gi ibjjf 2015

Trieste Gi uijj 2016 

Moskow Graplling 2017

Moskow Gi ibjjf 2017

Napoli Graplling 2019

Napoli Gi uijj 2019

Roma Gi ibjjf 2019

Roma Graplling ibjjf 2019

Milano Gi ibjjf 2019

Milano Graplling ibjjf 2019


Roma AJP Tour Europeo 2021



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